The Experience




Sailing in the Galapagos Islands is a memorable experience. With unique navigation itineraries, you will be in small groups of up to 16 passengers, a crew of up to 8 professionals and a certified naturalist guide, all who will make your experiencia a great one. Whether you charter the Yacht, reserve a private cabin, or reserve a shared cabin, you will surely experience a personalized service and have access to visiting sites exclusive for local boats.
Every day enjoy incredible scheduled activities such as hiking, snorkelling, panga ride, kayaking, or swimming on the beach while you explore and discover the enchanted islands. On board or while sailings, our staff will be ready to assist you while you enjoy the jacuzzi with ocean views, sip house cocktails at our bar, relax in our staying room or open-air dinning, tan in our sun deck, or profit from our board games.


Booking options

Whether you travel alone, as a couple, with your family, or with your closest group of friends, we offer different options to enjoy the Galapagos Islands. At the end of your trip, your companions will become a family and you will have unforgettable experiences to tell everyone when you return home. With a maximum occupancy of 16 passengers, we guarantee a personalized service and a close connection with nature during your trip.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran Charter / Yate Catamarán Anahí Charter


For a private and intimate trip, we offer the Anahi Yacht Catamaran. Charter the entire yacht and bring your closest friends and family. Organize a group of up to 16 passengers to explore the Galapagos Islands. Our work team will be at your disposal throughout the trip.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran private Cabin / Yate Catamarán Anahí cabina privada


If you wish to enjoy your journey staying in an ample and intimate space, book a private cabin with ocean view. Equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning, safety box, linen, and amenities. Our suite cabins are ideal for up to 3 adults and our standard cabins are ideal for up to 2 adults.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran Shared Cabin / Yate Catamarán Anahí cabina compartida


If you travel alone, we offer a shared cabin where you will connect with another traveler during your navigation around the Galapagos Islands. Undoubtedly an excellent option for those looking for a more flexible but still comfortable and safe option to discover this wonderful destination.



There are 8 crew members and a certified Galapagos Naturalist Guide OnBoard during the cruise, plus additional ground staff, all looking forward to meeting you!

Anahi Yacht Catamaran captain / Yate Catamarán Anahí capitán


Our captains have several years of experience and will make your trip safe and comfortable. Hear their stories about the sea and learn about the Galapagos Islands.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran first officer / Yate Catamarán Anahí primer oficial

First Officer

Our First Officers are always ready to make your trip an unforgettable experience. As second in command they are attentive to the safety and comfort of our travelers.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran sailors / Yate Catamarán Anahí marineros


The sailors will be the ones who will support you both during the visits and on board the yacht. They will be ready to give you a kind helping hand when you need it.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran mechanic / Yate Catamarán Anahí mecánico


The onboard mechanic is essential to the successful operation of the cruise ship. With a professional team of trained mechanics, you will be safe while sailings the islands.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran chef/ Yate Catamarán Anahí chef


Our local chefs offer the best dishes of Ecuadorian and international cuisine. Hearty breakfasts, snacks during the day, and dinners with fresh seafood.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran housekeeping / Yate Catamarán Anahí asistente de limpieza


The housekeeping staff will always make sure to keep your cabin spotless and sanitized. We also use certified and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran bartender / Yate Catamarán Anahí bartender

Service & Bartender

The service staff and bartender will elevate your experience on board. Accompany your daily meals with soft drinks, enjoy a bottle of wine, or try our house cocktails.

Anahi Yacht Catamaran naturalist guide / Yate Catamarán Anahí guía naturalista

Naturalist Guide

Certified guides will share their scientific knowledge as you learn about the flora, fauna, geography, and history of the enchanting and mysterious Galapagos Islands.



The Experience in Galapagos Islands / La experiencia en las Islas Galápagos